2017-2018 Bus Routes
Please check Parent Portal for your child's specific pick up and drop off information. 

You may call Transportation 
at 336-8970 with questions.
Parents have many questions about transportation including, "How far do I have to live from the school for my child to ride the bus?"  The Duluth Public School Board, using state law as a guideline, has created policies that the Transportation Department uses when creating bus routes.  

If you would like more information about these guidelines click on the bus and this will take you to the District's Transportation webpage where you will find contact information for the Transportation Department and also be able to read 'About Transportation'.

Change in Transportation?
If you have a change in address or daycare or such that will impact your child's transportation to and/or from school you must submit this information to the Lester Park office. Please note it can take 1-3 days to make the changes! 

You have two options:
   1. Fill in the form below and click on the submit button. (One per child)  
   2. You may print out the "Change In Transportation Form" by clicking HERE.
Please submit the completed form(s) to the Lester Park office as soon as possible.  If you are able, you may scan or take a picture of the the form(s) and email it to, or mail or deliver it to the school office.  
We will email you with the new bus information. You may also check the Parent Portal for your child's current/updated transportation information. The information is updated twice a day.  Thank you.
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