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Below are links that contain a variety of school-related information. 

Meal Menus - menus and food information from the District Child Nutrition Department

General Information - Parent Portal and Sign-up Genius instructions, school-event flyers, playground rules, etc

Wolf Ridge Trip - parent-run 5th grade trip to Wolf Ridge ELC in the spring. Please click HERE for more info.

Thursday Weekly Email/Newsletter and Flyers (School/Community)

Click on the links below to access the Email/Newsletter or Flyers for that week

8/17/17    Email to families
8/31/17    Email to families
11/22/17  Email to families   School Flyers  
12/14/17  Email to families                           Community Flyers
3/15/18    Email to families   Sign L. Club     French Club   (no other flyers this week)
3/22/18    Email to families   School Flyers 

If you're having difficulty finding registration forms in the weekly folders, in the menu bar above hover your mouse over "Activities" and you'll see "Registration".  Click on this and you will find the individual forms you need to register for the different after school activities throughout this school year.

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