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School Forest


The Lester Park Forest is located on the upper side of Glenwood Ave. directly across from the school.  An official sign is placed at the entrance to the Forest.  The diagram to the left shows locations of the creek, walking paths, and the Forest classroom. 
Our School Forest
Hi I’m Jade Westrum and my friends Bria, and Haley are on the School Forest Committee with me.  This is just to give you the latest update on  our school forest. 

The  forest is great and soon everybody will be able to use it. I am in Mrs. Kyyhkynen’s 5th grade class and every Friday we go into the school Forest if we can.  We have  lots of fun and participate in a bunch of activities. We have done stuff like when we froze water balloons and cups and then made illuminaries by burying them in the snow.  

We also play this really fun game called Predator & Prey. It’s where you  have  deer and  wolves and  you let the deer loose and  wait two  seconds then let out the wolves. The wolves try to tag the deer and the deer run to a certain base. It’s really fun!!  We have also studied animal tracks and signs and recorded them. 

To protect our little beloved forest and keep it healthy we looked for buckthorn and took it out plus bird dock.  And for a touch, we planted different kinds of trees with the Duluth Stream Corps and put wire mesh around them to keep them safe. Our little forest even has a little stream which we can have boat races on and listen to it gurgle.

There is wildlife in our Forest such  as squirrels, birds, deer and  other small critters.  We built a scarecrow and  sculpted snow sculptures. We really want a bridge and  so far we have raised over $7,500 dollars including a $2,500 grant from Lowe's tool box.  Some other churches even gave some donations.

We have  done the very best we can on our Forest and are trying to do more. We even  have  a sign by the trail for anyone to go in and soon we might even put in an open library to identify the animals and plants. We have recorded the temperature and  tree measurements of our Forest. 

Me and my friends really love the Forest and hope for the best. And especially my teacher Mrs. Kyyhkynen who has worked very hard and put everything into this Forest. 

So please support us on the School Forest!

Thank you!