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KG Round-up

...Mark your calendars...

2018 Kindergarten Round-Up
 Thursday evening, March 15th, 2018
Friday morning, March 16th, 2018

         Welcome to Kindergarten!


                      Bus Ticket

                      Number Pad

REQUIRED before starting Kindergarten:

   Early Childhood Screening - appointments VERY limited after April!

    - Immunizations up to date

    - The following turned into Lester Park School:

o   Duluth Public Schools Registration Form* 

o   Health form* 

o   Transportation form*

o   Parent Input form*

o   Copy of Birth/Hospital Certificate or Passport (we can make a copy for you) –provides proof of legal name & birth date

o   Legal Proof of Residency  Examples of those we can accept:  Property tax statement, signed lease, purchase agreement, current utility bill. 

*All Forms can be found HERE

Other forms that may be required depending on your address:

Open Enrollment Form ~ This form is for families living outside the Duluth/ ISD 709 boundaries but would like to have their students attend a Duluth Public School. Please complete the form and send it to:  The Office of the Assistant Superintendent, 201 N. 1st Ave. E. Rm. 203, Duluth MN 55802. 
Request for Student Transfer Form ~ This form is for families living in Duluth but outside the Lester Park School boundaries and would like their children to attend Lester Park School. Please complete this form and return to Lester Park School or send directly to the Assistant Superintendent.

...Additional Information...

Early Childhood Screening - MN law requires all students to go through the free Early Childhood Screening prior to entering Kindergarten.  You may call our ECS office at 218-336-8816 or email ecscreening@isd709.org to set up an appointment.  

Immunization Records - MN State Statute 121A.15 requires that all children entering a Minnesota school for the first time be completely immunized or provide legal exemption of the required immunizations:(Must provide a clinical printout of all immunization dates) Details from the MN Department of Health.

If you have questions call the Lester Park office at 218-336-8875 x2652.

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