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Mrs. Susan Lehna
Mrs. Susan Lehna

With the weather cold and wet/snowy now, please remember to send your children to school with appropriate outdoor gear for recess.

Please slow down when driving through the school parking lot, especially now that we are in the winter season. Also please do not drop children off in the middle late. This is unsafe for them and it slows down the flow of traffic through the parking lot. When dropping off in the fire lane, please have children exit on the "school" side of the car.

Continue to watch your weekly Thursday emails from Lester Park School for information on the following:

* School events such as the Holiday Program, the annual Field Day, Carnival, and the many classroom field trips. Dates are on the homepage and the Event Calendar (See menu bar above)
* Registrations & community events 
* Other news for the 2016-17 school year 

Resource the school and district websites as well as the Parent Portal for information, or if you have questions you may send me an email or call me.  
My contact information is below. 


218-336-8879 x2520