Contact Information: 
Principal: Mrs. Susan Lehna
Administrative Assistant: Mrs. Barbara Soufflet
Office Support: Mrs. Tracy Packingham

Address:  5300 Glenwood Street
          Duluth, MN 55804

Phone: 218-336-8875    Fax: 218-336-8879

Office Hours:    7:15 a.m. - 3:15 p.m.
Student Hours: 7:45 a.m. - 2:15 p.m.

Did you know MN law requires all students to be screened prior to starting Kindergarten?  Call our Early Childhood Screening (ECS) office at  
336-8816 to schedule an appointment.

To report an absence...
You have two options for reporting absences~
1. Call 336-8875 and push '3' to reach the attendance line

2. Email
Include the student's first and last name, the teacher's name, and a brief explanation of the reason for the absence.  If they are ill it is requested you include their symptoms because this information is important for the nurse's office. 

3. All unreported absences will be followed up with a phone call.

To contact Girl Power...
1. Before 3:00 PM - (218) 722-7425 X102 

2. After 3:00 PM - (218) 336-8875 X2689 (also KEY Zone number)

3. During Field Trips - (218) 464-2675

Job Opportunities...
True North AmeriCorps 2015-2016 School Year:
True North AmeriCorps is now accepting applications for the 2015-2016 program year. AmeriCorps is often considered the domestic version of the Peace Corps; AmeriCorps trains members to serve in areas of need within our community. True North AmeriCorps is currently looking to fill 40 positions to serve in schools and nonprofits in Duluth and Proctor, mentoring youth and tutoring them in reading and math. 12-month full- and part-time positions are available and begin in August 2015. Find more information and apply online today at:
Benefits to becoming a member (full-time) include:
Monthly living stipend (approximately $1000/month)
$5,775 in an educational award as well as loan deferment while serving
Health insurance coverage and a free YMCA membership
Personal and professional development in a school or community setting
Gratification of investing in children’s lives and making a difference
Engage in our community. Invest in our youth. Develop yourself.
Visit our website to apply today: or call Kelly at 218-722-4745 x123 with any questions.

True North AmeriCorps 2015 Summer Job Opportunities:
True North AmeriCorps is hiring for full-time and part-time service positions in local elementary schools. Serve during the school day or in the afterschool program. Positions serve a caseload of 40 (FT)/20 (PT) students, administering academic interventions to children identified as needing extra support.
Service Dates: August 20th, 2015 – August 15th, 2016
Serve 1740 (FT) hours or 920 hours (PT). Earn approximately $1000 (FT) or $500 (PT)/month, student loan deferment, health insurance coverage (FT only), a free YMCA membership, opportunities for professional development and connecting to the community, and a $5775.00 (FT)/$2887.50 education award upon successful completion of the program. Apply online today at: or contact True North AmeriCorps at 722-4745 x123 for more information.
Qualifications: To be eligible for True North AmeriCorps, applicants must be 18 years of age by the start of the program, must have a high school diploma or equivalent and must be either a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident.

General Information...

To contact Lester Park staff go to 'About Us', 'Staff Information'.  You'll see a list of all current staff with their extension along with instructions on sending them an email.

Registration Forms from various organizations and clubs are available on the "Activities>Registration" page.  The forms are being posted as soon as they are received.  

Information regarding Summer Programs will be posted in the Summer Programs folder on the bottom of the "News/Info" page.

There is an on-line 'Change in Transportation' form. Click on Transportation under the 'Trans./EC/Resources' tab. We will use the most current information should there be more than one request submitted per individual student.  Also available is a printable version.

Your e-mail addresses and primary phone number can be updated by you in Parent Portal.

If you don't have time to navigate our web site to find information, click on the link to open a 'Table of Contents' for the Lester Park web site. You may also notice some information is listed more than once.  That's because there is more than one place to find what you may be looking for.

Parent Portal is now open!!!!
A reminder that Wednesday is an All District Staff Development Day so Lester Park may be closed all day.
We are back for the 2015-16 school year!   Your patience is requested as we continue to prepare for the upcoming school year. 
Please resource the school and district web sites for information or you may save yourself a phone call to voice mail by submitting questions/messages (available 24/7) on-line. 
Just click on the link!
Thank you!
Enrolling new students for the 2015-2016 school year?  
Click on the link above or, on the menu bar, go to 'About Us>Enrollment Information'. 
Click on the links to access the District Required Beginning of the School Year forms.  Print, complete, and bring to the school. One of each form per student is required.
(drop off in office)
(also included in District Family 
Packet mailed to your home)
(drop off in classroom)
Teacher assignments will be posted on Parent Portal sometime during the day on Friday, August 28th.  Due to data privacy we are unable to give this information out over the phone or by email.
Transportation Information is available on Parent Portal.  Due to data privacy we are unable to give this information out over the phone or by email.  Please use the on-line form to update any Transportation changes.
(on-line form)
Use this form form to submit any changes to your student's transportation plans for before and/or after school.
It's not too early to begin signing up for Lester Park's 2016 Kindergarten Round-up!  To learn more about Round-up click here to go to the 'KG Round Up' page.
 The district will continue to update information.
This application (form) is to be used for supervised classroom volunteering only.  For detailed volunteering criteria, on the menu bar go to 'Can I Help?>Volunteer' (or click on the link).
Learn about Lester Park's School History.  Go to this web site to find information and pictures:

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